Financial Fitness Workshops

NHS teaches Financial Fitness classes to help low to moderate income individuals and families learn financial management skills. Financial Fitness course topics include Developing a Spending Plan, Understanding Credit and Your Credit Report, Applying for a Loan and Local Community Programs.

This course helps participants to set financial goals, develop a spending plan, track spending, and evaluate wants versus needs. It shows participants how to read their credit report, correct errors on it, review their credit score, and create, maintain, or reestablish credit.

The course also gives an overview of lending institutions and how a loan application is evaluated. It teaches participants how to apply for a loan and explains loan terminology such as rates, terms and fees. Participants will be provided with practical information on how to avoid identity theft and predatory lending.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring a Financial Fitness course at your place of business or at a community location, please contact the NHS office at 610-437-4571 for more information.

What Financial Fitness participants are saying:

  • “Showed me how to live appropriately with credit use.”
  • “Will help me better budget my money.”
  • “Start using credit wisely and maintain a good credit history.”
  • “I will be smarter with my money and not have to live paycheck to paycheck.”
  • “Showed me how to fix my credit.”
  • “I’ll keep my eyes open for predatory lenders.”